Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Very appropriately, while we were coloring eggs yesterday, we saw not one, but three bunnies in our backyard. This is an actual picture, taken by me, of a bunny in our backyard.

And here we are coloring eggs.

Hattie was grumpy because she had to sit on Tim's lap after she dropped 2 color tablets into the same teacup. Fortunately it was yellow that she dumped in on top of pink, and I got it out fast enough that the pink was only a little bit orange-y.

And here the kids are in their Easter outfits, holding their wee bunnies. Just now I checked to make sure that everyone was sleeping, and two of the three bunnies were sleeping with their respective owners. Definitely heartwarming.

I hope you had a happy Easter or Passover!

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LLA said...

Definitely heartwarming - and so, so cute (kids and bunnies alike)