Friday, April 14, 2006

Ancient History

Only a few things of note this week:

I spent 6+ hours on Tuesday in and out of doctors' offices, x-rays, and labs because Charlotte woke up saying her leg wouldn't work. It turns out she had fluid on her left knee. While she couldn't walk on Tuesday, she made a miraculous recovery on Wednesday and has essentially been fine ever since. So while Tuesday wasn't much fun, I'm glad of the outcome.

In other exciting news, Hattie has been wearing underwear since Friday! I hope I don't jinx it, but with the exception of a pull-up at night, she's been perfect since Monday, even during naps. This is monumental as I have been doing diapers for the last 6 and a half YEARS.

To make this post only slightly more interesting, I thought I'd post pictures of the first sweaters I ever knitted.

Many thanks to my small assistants for the photo set-ups.

This is the first item I ever knitted besides test squares. A friend of mine from high school showed me the one she was doing. I jumped right in and never looked back. It's a Reynolds Lopi pattern, knit on huge circular needles in bulky yarn. You knit the sleeves on dpns and then hook them onto the main circular needles when you get to underarm height and keep going.

What's great about this sweater is that the only finishing is a couple of small seams under the arms. I did seem to have a little trouble with tension when carrying different colors for the pattern, however. I did this in 1987.

After doing a couple of these (I can't show you my second sweater since I gave it to my boyfriend (now long since married to my old, crazy roommate -- that's a different story)), I got cocky and thought I would design my own sweater, which you see above.

I got a fairly straightforward pattern (even though it was knit in pieces!) and changed the color dramatically to incorporate my own Greek key design. Oh yes, and the wonky pocket was entirely my own addition. If you look carefully you can tell that the pocket is MUCH bigger once you go in through the opening. An interesting and unintentionally unattractive feature.

I knit this one on many trains as I Eurail pass-ed my way through Europe the summer after I graduated from college in 1988. This was my first exposure to cables. I was obviously young and naive as it never occurred to me to think that this might be too hard.

Eventually I got to the point where I didn't really need to look at the pattern much anymore, although by the time I got to the back, I should have been paying a little more attention, as there are two places where I turned the cable the wrong way. We'll just call these the "signature" areas indicating that this is a fine, handcrafted product. Well, maybe not that fine, if my signature is errors. Ooops. At least people believe me when I tell them I knitted it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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