Sunday, April 30, 2006


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The idea was to be all packed the day before we left, so we could get up on Wednesday morning, throw everything into the car and take off.

Unfortunately it didn't happen that way. That will be a shock to some of you, I know.

I did make a good effort to pack the day before, but ran into some snags and ended up doing the majority of it the morning of.

Theoretically I am organized, as this shot proves. Note how everything is laid out in a grid -- type of clothing in columns, for each individual (all 5 of us) in rows.

However, we were supposed to leave between 8 and 9, and we left at 10:45. Obviously some part of my method needs to be tweaked.


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This is a shot of Hattie demonstrating how her breakfast is coordinated with her outfit.

For the last week she's had a hard boiled Easter egg for breakfast every day, and she selects which one she's going to have based on what color shirt she's wearing that day. We were doing pretty well until we got down to the last few eggs. Now they don't match as well anymore.

We just got back from a few days in lovely Pine Mountain, Georgia, where Tim had a conference at Callaway Gardens. For the first few days the kids and I kicked around the Gardens while Tim was in his conference, but on the last day after he got out, we spent the night in a campground in the camper van!

It was very fun, but unfortunately I caught a cold due to a severe lack of sleep, so my energy levels are currently lower than usual. Some (not all) pics are up on flickr, over here.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Easter loot

Easter loot
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A sampling of the Easter loot -- finger puppets and egglings. In this picture the role of fingers is played by various Chapsticks.

The egglings are porous ceramic eggs with dirt and seeds inside. You tap the top of the egg to break a hole in it and then water it. If all goes as it should, we should see phlox, lobelia, mint, and a petunia growing from the eggs pictured here. Tim also got one -- thyme -- but he was at work, so his hasn't been done yet.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Very appropriately, while we were coloring eggs yesterday, we saw not one, but three bunnies in our backyard. This is an actual picture, taken by me, of a bunny in our backyard.

And here we are coloring eggs.

Hattie was grumpy because she had to sit on Tim's lap after she dropped 2 color tablets into the same teacup. Fortunately it was yellow that she dumped in on top of pink, and I got it out fast enough that the pink was only a little bit orange-y.

And here the kids are in their Easter outfits, holding their wee bunnies. Just now I checked to make sure that everyone was sleeping, and two of the three bunnies were sleeping with their respective owners. Definitely heartwarming.

I hope you had a happy Easter or Passover!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Ancient History

Only a few things of note this week:

I spent 6+ hours on Tuesday in and out of doctors' offices, x-rays, and labs because Charlotte woke up saying her leg wouldn't work. It turns out she had fluid on her left knee. While she couldn't walk on Tuesday, she made a miraculous recovery on Wednesday and has essentially been fine ever since. So while Tuesday wasn't much fun, I'm glad of the outcome.

In other exciting news, Hattie has been wearing underwear since Friday! I hope I don't jinx it, but with the exception of a pull-up at night, she's been perfect since Monday, even during naps. This is monumental as I have been doing diapers for the last 6 and a half YEARS.

To make this post only slightly more interesting, I thought I'd post pictures of the first sweaters I ever knitted.

Many thanks to my small assistants for the photo set-ups.

This is the first item I ever knitted besides test squares. A friend of mine from high school showed me the one she was doing. I jumped right in and never looked back. It's a Reynolds Lopi pattern, knit on huge circular needles in bulky yarn. You knit the sleeves on dpns and then hook them onto the main circular needles when you get to underarm height and keep going.

What's great about this sweater is that the only finishing is a couple of small seams under the arms. I did seem to have a little trouble with tension when carrying different colors for the pattern, however. I did this in 1987.

After doing a couple of these (I can't show you my second sweater since I gave it to my boyfriend (now long since married to my old, crazy roommate -- that's a different story)), I got cocky and thought I would design my own sweater, which you see above.

I got a fairly straightforward pattern (even though it was knit in pieces!) and changed the color dramatically to incorporate my own Greek key design. Oh yes, and the wonky pocket was entirely my own addition. If you look carefully you can tell that the pocket is MUCH bigger once you go in through the opening. An interesting and unintentionally unattractive feature.

I knit this one on many trains as I Eurail pass-ed my way through Europe the summer after I graduated from college in 1988. This was my first exposure to cables. I was obviously young and naive as it never occurred to me to think that this might be too hard.

Eventually I got to the point where I didn't really need to look at the pattern much anymore, although by the time I got to the back, I should have been paying a little more attention, as there are two places where I turned the cable the wrong way. We'll just call these the "signature" areas indicating that this is a fine, handcrafted product. Well, maybe not that fine, if my signature is errors. Ooops. At least people believe me when I tell them I knitted it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Where in the world.........

Here is a very fun thing to do:

create your own visited states map

This website lets you check off the states you've been in, and then it creates a map using that information. I used my own imperfect memory to do this, but I was very conservative, so there's a chance that there are one or two more states that I didn't check.

Most of the East Coast (Florida to Maine) I've visited during or since college, but we hit lots of the rest of these states on a cross country trip my family took in 1983, when I was 15 years old. My parents bought a 1973 VW pop-top camper and spent 3 weeks taking my sister and me (and our dog!) from DC to San Francisco and back. It was a very fun trip. And we definitely covered a lot of ground!

Then I did this map:

create your own visited countries map

Again, I was in some of these places when I was very small. I only counted the ones I was sure of. Interesting to see how much more is out there! (Incidentally, I haven't really visited the farthest reaches of Canada (unless Quebec counts) and for some reason it looks like I've been to some island in the North Sea -- I really haven't been there. I don't think.) Fun to play!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Zoo animals!

Today Tim was at the Masters all day, so the kids and I went to the zoo. I astounded myself by taking some decent pictures. At least at first.

Here is Lun Lun. She's the panda they're trying to impregnate. Unfortunately the male panda doesn't have a clue, so no luck yet on that front.

Then I took a picture of a lion. Usually the lions are lounging somewhere where you can't see them, so I was pretty impressed with myself for getting this shot. Through dirty glass, no less! I told Hattie and Nate that this was a female lion -- no mane! Then I took a closer look. Well, better to let them continue to think it was a "mommy lion" than to point out its obvious male characteristics.

But that little fib wrecked my picture-taking karma. From that point my picture luck ran out. This giraffe refused to turn around. So here's the south end of a northbound giraffe.

I thought I was starting to get it back when I got this decent shot of a zebra. No, wait. He's pooping.

I did manage to get these young animals in their natural habitat, however.

And here's a whole herd of them. See you later, baby animals!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So far for Spring Break we've 1) visited my parents to pick up the VW camper van

and 2) gone to the Chattahoochee Nature Center for a picnic.

More pictures of the kids and Tim yesterday in the camper van (top popped and upper bunk unfolded) here and here.

Today in a last-ditch effort to do something fun as a family (Tim has the whole week off, but is tied up tomorrow and we've got other stuff on Friday) we carried out sandwiches, ate lunch and then hiked all around the nature center. The weather was unbelievably gorgeous and we had a great time. We also saw lots of turtles sunning themselves on logs.

Here's my favorite one:

More pictures here.

We came home for naps all around and then went out for Mexican for dinner.

Definitely a fun day!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hi, Honey!

Another bunny showed up yesterday. Her name is Honey. Here she is, meeting the other bunnies. There sure are a lot of them! I have to say, it's very fun picking out what print goes with which solid. And since these bunnies are so easy to make, they're getting kind of addictive. Good thing Easter is almost upon us and bunny-making season will be over! Can you say OCD? (Must. Make. Bunnies...)

Here's a close-up of the chicky print on Honey's back. Maybe it would have made more sense to make an Easter chick with that print, but today it's all about the bunnies.

And here they all are: Pearl, Mama Chocolate Bunny (a shameless entry for this month's Tie One On), Geranium, Henry, and Honey. If nothing else, this little exercise has been a study in embroidering faces, something in which (ahem) I need a little more work.

You can check out lots of other people's interpretations of this pattern here.