Saturday, March 25, 2006

Weekend Treasures

What a productive day! So far I've worked at the elementary school rummage sale (with limited success -- I only got a booster seat for the car) and we've gone to the local high school garage sale (400+ families! Who could resist that??). At that sale, which was much bigger, I got a book for Nate, this red fabric for a quarter, and a great craft book for kids!

We also ate at Chick-fil-A last night for dinner, and the kids got these great books in their kids' meals: the "Crafts from the Past" series!! CRAFTS from the PAST! Two of my favorite interests! So far we've only gotten the Aztec crafts and the one for the Greeks. I told Tim it's his personal responsibility to eat enough chicken sandwiches to get me the remaining two books in the series -- the Egyptians and the VIKINGS! As the great-granddaughter of Norwegians, I am dying for that last one.

I've also made a batch of cookies, visited with my sister, and finished a little friend for Hattie's favorite pal, "Bunny Baby," aka the bunny from Goodnight Moon. Here Bunny Baby is with his book, his little friend, and another friend who can't resist being in the picture.

Lots of treasures at our house!

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