Saturday, March 04, 2006

Photos from the party

Found it! I found the image viewer/editor I had been using! My desktop is starting to look like its old self.

As promised, here are pictures of Charlotte at a dear friend's 5th birthday party last week. His parents had it at a fun sort-of-gymnastics place equipped with trampolines built into the floor and tumble mats of every conceivable size and shape. The kids had a ball running obstacle courses, jumping on the trampolines and generally running amok.

In this shot, Charlotte is lying on a super-bouncy trampoline. The helper would then bounce each child up into the air and catch them. They all got a big kick out of it.

These are some of the trampolines built into the floor. There were two that were regular rectangular size (one super-bouncy, see above) and then there were two long, skinny ones that you could run along. This is one of the latter.

And crawling through the tunnel on the obstacle course. You can see from her expression how much fun they were having.

Then, as it turned out, all three of our kids got to go to another birthday party at the same place yesterday. I took my camera, but the batteries were not cooperating, so I have a bunch of pictures that are remarkable only for how horrible they are.

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