Thursday, March 23, 2006

Not sure about this Party

This is the book Nate and I are reading right now. It was mine when I was about his age, and I vaguely remembered it being a story about pioneers.

A reviewer on Amazon had this to say about it:

Bread and Butter Journey, by Anne Colver, is a masterpiece in children's literature. It is perfect for any age. Bread and Butter Journey is a great story that illustrates the hardships early pioneers experienced on the pioneer trail. It is a story of one girl's struggles as she leaves her home, deep in the Philadelphia Mountains because her father feels it is his duty to help expand the borders of the newly formed United States by settling the West. She, her friends Tess and Trudy, and their mothers must travel hundreds of miles, with her fifteen year old brother to lead them, to the houses their fathers have already built on the frontier. On the trail she and her friends experience fear, illness, and sadness due to loss. Their emotions are extremely clear. There are few other books that are as clear, realistic, and well-written as Bread and Butter Journey. It is one of my favorites.

When I read it in the mid-70's, I didn't attach any special significance to the fact that the last name of 2 of those 3 little girls you see on the cover is Donner.

Yikes! But surely I would have remembered if it was those Donners!

(No comments please about how this is a book about girls. Pioneer stories are not "girly.")


Edited to add: Fortunately these Donners all made it to their destination safe and sound. I have to question, however, the author's selection of names for this fictional family!

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