Monday, March 20, 2006

Introducing Geranium

This is Geranium. She's the third bunny to join our crew. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew this fabric would be perfect, but I wanted to practice a couple of times before I used it. Sure enough, I think this is the best bunny yet.

I figured out a new trick to use when embroidering her face. On the other ones I'd been using a chain stitch to do their mouths, but today I finally realized that I could put the needle all the way through to the other side of her mouth and go back and forth that way, instead of having a bunch of hitchy-looking stitches all on one side and then the other. No doubt this is an old trick that many people already know, but I had to figure it out by myself. I think it turned out to be much easier with a better result.

Her front is a napkin I bought in a stack of linens at a flea market last fall. I got the print fabric at a quilting shop a long time ago. It's not vintage, but it's from a retro line. You can see from this close-up why I HAD to use it on one of these bunnies!

Please ignore all the junk behind the sewing machine. Sadly, this is what our dining room table has looked like for the last 6 months. Well, except for on Thanksgiving, when I jammed everything into a laundry basket and stashed it all on top of the washing machine.

It all came out again a few days later. Now this table is kind of like an archaeological dig of every project I've touched since then. Good thing we really only ever eat at the kitchen table.

If you want to see all the bunnies together, they're here on flickr. There may be more to come.

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