Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Presidentially speaking

What's that? Do I have a website? No, I don't think....wait a minute, yes! Yes, I DO remember something like that!

AAANYhoo -- many things have been happening since my last post. For one, I finished all 5,500+ pages of my books. So now I am trying to reintroduce myself to the rigors of daily life. Besides the regular laundry, dinner, and other household issues, in the past week these rigors have included:

1) putting together a Valentine's party for a class of twelve 2-year-olds a mere 12 hours before it was supposed to kick off;

2) trying to get Hattie to school on Monday with not one but TWO cars with batteries so dead that the car locks didn't work and the radio/CD player went into security lockdown mode;

3) having a substitute bus driver for Charlotte who came by to pick her up 45 minutes late (5 minutes after school had started and 10 minutes after I'd taken her myself) and who was also 45 minutes late dropping her off after school ended (we live 5 minutes from school). Naturally, this was on the one day of the week that I work, so I was late to work; and

4) being informed by the sorriest excuse for a health insurance customer service person that "having to deal with difficult and unprofessional people" is NOT in her job description and that she didn't "appreciate my attitude" after I had spent an HOUR trying to get them to pay some portion, any portion, of a variety of medical bills.

On the other hand, it was also Valentine's Day. In an effort to have some kind of adult time to ourselves, we skipped the kids' baths yesterday and put them to bed half an hour early. Tim ran out to a nearby Italian restaurant and carried out a couple of wonderful entrees that we ate sitting at our kitchen table. We opened a bottle of wine and ate and talked blissfully, without interruptions. What a treat!

Today Nate came home from school with some work he'd done. They had asked him what he would say in a speech, if he were president. So this is what he wrote:

First, notice the vote tally at the top of the page. It says "Nate" with a "1" followed by 12 or 13 zeros. So he got a thousand billion votes, or thereabouts. Talk about a mandate.

The text of his speech says, "I wish that dinosaurs were alive, just the plant-eaters. I would pick up the dung."

He explained to us that if dinosaurs were going to come back because he told them to, that it would be only fair for him to be the one cleaning up after them. And only the plant-eaters, because they're not as dangerous. Eminently fair and practical, if you ask me.

Otherwise things have been going along fine. No accidents (or 'axi-stinks,' as Hattie would say). Now all I need to do is find another good book....

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