Thursday, February 16, 2006

Face Recognition

Found this fun website today via ohsewpretty.

If you download a photo, it will scan your face and pull up a picture of the celebrity it thinks you most closely resemble. While it wasn't ridiculously far off on the kids, it was obviously FUBAR for Tim and me, as you can see from the following:

They think Hattie looks like Ashton Kutcher,

or maybe Calista Flockhart, both attractive people as is Hattie. Charlotte, however, looks nothing like Carl Lewis, so they are WAY off on that one as far as I'm concerned.

They think Nate looks like Annette Bening, or maybe Annika Sorenstam. While they're the wrong gender, at least that wouldn't be too bad.

In this picture, they said I looked like Justine Henin-Hardenne, the Belgian tennis player. I guess I'm okay with that. HOWEVER,

in this picture they thought Tim looked like Fernando Henrique Cardoso. I had to google him to find out that he is a former President of Brazil. I don't know. I don't see it. But I refuse to think that I look like Roseanne Barr, even if these pictures are somewhat similar.

In an effort to get a better read on Tim's picture, I tried again.

This time it said he looked like Theodore Sturgeon. Again, an esoteric person who I had to google to find out who he was. Turns out he was (as he is unfortunately deceased) an American science fiction writer known for penning Sturgeon's Revelation, to wit, "Ninety percent of everything is crud." Again, I don't see the resemblance. Maybe it's the beard. Also I think this My Heritage website needs a tighter definition of "celebrity."

When I met Tim everyone thought he looked like Boris Becker. The resemblance used to be much more striking, but that was pre-marriage and 10+ years ago. Apparently Tim and Boris have both changed since then, since I looked up Boris' picture and they had this:

Close, but no cigar.

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