Thursday, January 05, 2006

Something I didn't need to tell a 2-year-old

We had a couple of potty accidents today. First Hattie, which is more or less to be expected. A quick change of pants, a replacing of the underpants with a diaper and everything was hunky-dory.

Then mid-morning Charlotte had an accident. Not as expected, since Charlotte has been potty trained for months now. And, without being overly graphic, much more difficult to clean up, shall we say.

So Charlotte got a short lecture about what she was really supposed to do. And Hattie heard it also, since she was standing there watching this show. Charlotte said she completely understood. And apparently so did Hattie.

When Tim walked in from work today, Hattie went right up to him, thrilled with this new piece of information that I had said ONCE, and which she had been repeating all day to anyone in hearing distance.

"Hi, Hattie!"

"Babies poop in their pants!"

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