Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Odd Fellows

Charlotte will be four on Friday. I think I can still get away with having a family-only birthday, so I'll be sending out invitations tomorrow after I've had a chance to go to the store. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, I always say.

However, with Tim home, I have had more of a chance than usual to get some things done. Yesterday I finished this apron to go along with a gift she's getting from Grandma and Grandpa.

Distant photography hides a multitude of ills. The rick rack was an afterthought to hide less-than-straight stitching right across the front. That's what happens when you try to have a glass of wine while sewing. So don't drink and sew, mmmkay?

Also the piping was my addition. Why follow the pattern exactly when you can add your own flair? And apparently also add too much bulk to the seam, making it fall funny. The trials of an inexperienced seamstress.

I also tried my hand at one of Jess Hutchinson's unusual toys for you to knit and enjoy. Hers was much smaller, no doubt due to the use of non-bulky yarn and smaller needles. But he turned out okay, I think. He just has to fit inside one of these purses, so I think I can still cram him in.

I was thrilled to learn about her "jogless join" when changing colors while knitting in the round, a phenomenon that has plagued me for years. Now my stripes are straight instead of hitching up at the beginning or end of a row of a new color! The invisible seam to sew body parts on, however, continues to elude me. Hopefully Charlotte won't be overly critical on that point.

In other exciting tales from our home, I walked into the bedroom this morning where the rest of my family was clustered around the computer monitor. Nate was masterfully maneuvering his man onscreen, Charlotte was watching with awe, Tim was brushing his teeth, and Hattie was pointing at Tim, yelling, "Mommy's! Mommy's!"

This made me look at Tim a little more carefully, whereupon I noticed that he was using MY toothbrush. Apparently several months of using his red toothbrush two or more times a day was not enough to burn into his brain that his toothbrush is RED while mine is BLUE. Hattie, however, had picked up on it, despite only having blown through the bathroom occasionally on some other mission while I've been brushing my teeth. Tim tried to attribute it to his having been home with all of us during the past week or so, but really, if that's all it took, what would MY mind be like?

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