Saturday, January 07, 2006

Charlotte's Birthday

Today (actually now yesterday) was Charlotte's fourth birthday. When I asked her what kind of cake she wanted, she initially said white. But since I didn't get to the store in time, I asked her if chocolate would be okay, since that's what I had. She reluctantly agreed, but only if it had purple icing. In a fit of guilt, I told her absolutely, she could have purple icing.

Then I thought about it.

Yuck! Purple icing! Time to drag out the special icing colors from a year ago when I had time to be into that kind of thing. I did have a little pot marked "violet" so I thought, perfect. I'll use that.

Until I actually put it in. I couldn't bring myself to use much. So I ended up with this.

Don't adjust your screen. Those colors are scarily accurate. Gray cupcakes. And lemon-yellow ones. Of course the purple was not at all vivid (maybe that was a good thing) and the yellow was entirely too vivid (not at all a good thing).

And in case either one by itself wasn't enough to make you hurl, I combined the colors so that you could enjoy both on every cupcake! The polka dots were in keeping with the party theme, both for tonight's family dinner and for tomorrow's lunch for the extended family. (Don't worry, family, I'm having a cake for all of you. You don't have to eat the cupcakes unless you want to.)

The one saving grace was that the kids LOVED them. Both what they looked like and what they tasted like. And Tim and I liked what they tasted like too, when we closed our eyes as we ate them.

And what a shame, I didn't have enough icing to ice all the cupcakes like this. So I got creative, since I had the icing bags all set up anyway. If you want to see those lovelies, you can check them out here.

In the end, I would consider the evening a success, if only because of how much the kids enjoyed it. Happy 4th Birthday, sweetie!

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