Saturday, December 31, 2005

Out of hibernation: a photo essay, part II

Later on Christmas morning we went over to visit with Tim's family, where happy, mass hysteria ensued.

Nate, however, managed to find a quiet moment to read his new dinosaur book.

In the relatively quieter days that followed, I was able to make slightly more progress on a few projects. I finally felted these hats that I had knit in October. The green one was meant for Hattie,

and the purple one for Charlotte. I had made the circumference on Charlotte's so big that I had to pleat it to get it anywhere near hat size. Now they both fit me perfectly, however, so I'm thinking that I may need to run them back through the washing machine another time to see if they'll shrink more to get them anywhere near toddler size. And yes, that is a balloon sitting in a bowl that they're drying on.

Yesterday we went over to my sister's for a visit. This is a picture of everyone wearing Nate's sweaters through the ages. Hattie is on the Big Wheel that Grandma and Grandpa gave her for Christmas. She can't really ride it yet, but that hasn't stopped her from getting around on it.

Another picture of the girls before we left for Aunt Anne's.

Today I got caught up on almost all of my holiday baking! Only a week behind! I made the dough for these ginger cookies over a week ago and only today got a chance to roll them out. Accordingly, while I cut out some cookies in holiday shapes, I felt free to use a variety of other cookie cutters. If you look closely, you'll see the United States, a football helmet, a couple of dinosaurs, a lion, and a polar bear, in addition to some more traditional shapes. The lion was in honor of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, which Nate and I went to see the other day. We finished reading all the Chronicles right around Thanksgiving, so it was a fun outing for us. We really enjoyed the movie!

And more cookies. The holidays at our house apparently include a fish, a triceratops and a mammoth (LOVE the mammoth, even if he is a pain to get onto the cookie sheet in one piece). This is not, however, a shot of the sheet that slipped in my hand as I was taking it out of the oven. And of course it was the sheet with no sides, so the cookies slipped right off. Fortunately I was able to both curtail my expletives and save most of the cookies, as Hattie was standing right there watching. She was very concerned that I was hurt, but felt much better after I gave her a broken cookie.

And finally, some buckeyes for Tim. I had been promising him that I would make them since before Christmas. So all hail the New Year's Buckeyes!

Happy New Year, everybody!

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