Friday, December 30, 2005

Out of hibernation: a photo essay, part I

No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth. Rather than whine about how busy we've been, I thought I would show you instead. (This is all from the first week I didn't post -- I was going to put everything in one huge post, but either I can't figure it out or Blogger only allows so many pictures per post, because for some reason it cuts me off here. So the next post will be a continuation.)

In the week before Christmas, we all got sick (fortunately no pictures of that), we got better, and then we went to see Hattie in her school program. The program was very cute and well performed. The two-year-olds, however, were so far in front that they were in the dark. So unless you happened to be sitting in the front row, on the correct side (which we weren't), you were unable to watch your particular child sit there and not sing. I did run over to the other side to get a quick shot to preserve the moment. This is the best I could do from behind a solid wall of moms, ten deep, who were completely blocking the aisle.

Then on Christmas Eve we went out for our traditional nice lunch with my family. Somewhat limited by the number of restaurants that were open for an early lunch that day (1), we ended up at a place decorated as if it were somewhere in Europe during World War II. It was fun for the kids because it's located at the end of a runway to a small airport. And there were very few other people there, so we had the place almost to ourselves. Overall, a very enjoyable afternoon.
Here Nate and Hattie are mugging for the camera in part of the decor. Hattie looks almost too comfortable and at ease there in the driver's seat for a two-year-old.

All the kids piled on Dad after lunch.

Walking out to the car afterwards -- Charlotte with Daddy and Hattie with "Unco Weeow and Anne Ant."

That same day I finished Hattie's stocking. Yay! Now every member of the family has his or her own stocking! It only took me ten years.

The next morning was Christmas morning. We all got some great presents.

Among Hattie's favorite gifts were 1) a necklace, 2) a stepstool painted like a tiger, and 3) a hairclip shaped like a penguin. Here she is, modeling all three. And yes, that is a hole in the toe of her pajamas because they were handed down to her from her sister, but they all three got new pajamas from us this year.

To be continued.......

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