Thursday, November 10, 2005

Going, going,...still going....not gone yet

So what do you do when you have to pack for 5 people for a 4-day trip? If you're like me, you blog! Or surf. Or walk around spending an inordinate amount of time trying to find some marginally useful item. Or do, I don't know what. Not pack.

I have an interesting approach to getting things done. First, I procrastinate as long as humanly possible. Then I fly around in an OCD-inspired frenzy. It's quite a sight, seeing someone procrastinating AND in a frenzy. But it's an approach I've mastered over the last 30 years. (Just ask my mother. How many school reports and projects did I work on at breakfast the day they were due? WAY too many.)

Logically, it would seem that this might not be the most effective method. And yet, everything gets done! (Mostly.) (Well, the important stuff.) Any rational mind would realize that if you do things properly and steadily, without getting sidetracked, you get to stay sane and get everything done without stress.

But the stress! That's what gets the work done! And also what makes you take blood pressure medication!

And anyway, Tim said that he doesn't want to leave before midnight, which gives me two more hours. (Aha! The source of the current procrastination -- the deadline is not near enough!)

The source of all this angst is our trip to Charlottesville, VA, where we are going (in a few hours) for the UVA/Georgia Tech football game. What with varying degrees of pregnancy/bedrest/new babies over the past few years, we haven't been to this particular away game since 1997, we think. So now we are taking a long weekend to visit Charlottesville in the fall.

Our most recent strategy for long trips (last year we drove to Maine for Thanksgiving from GEORGIA. With 3 kids, age 4 and under. We were INSANE.) is to put the kids and Tim to bed at a reasonable hour while I continue to pack. Once everything is packed in the car, the last thing we put in is the kids, in their PJs. Tim drives, I sleep. At least in theory.

Last year Tim brought along some Dramamine to give to the kids "to make them sleep." I was self-righteously horrified that he would even think of drugging our children just to make the trip more pleasant. Four hours of solid screaming later by a minimum of one child, more likely, two at a time, I was digging like a dog through our bag, yelling, "Where is that goddamned DRAMAMINE?"

So I am hoping that now that everyone is a year older, things will go more smoothly. But I am bringing along the Dramamine, just in case.

See you in a few days!

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