Monday, November 07, 2005


Does anyone else ever do this? Go through a catalog and pick out everything you would buy if money were no object?

Well, I've just run up an imaginary tab of $1,879 from the most recent Sundance catalog. And that's only counting boots. Well, and a couple of sweaters and skirts to wear the boots with.

The boots I like are the Harness Boots, the Range Riders (in chocolate nubuck), the Haight-Ashbury boots, in black, the Hometown Hiking boots, the Pompano boot, and the Ruffle Top boot, in both black leather and chocolate suede. That would be size 6 and a half (occasionally 7), Euro size 37, and kids' size 5.

To go with this great stable of boots, I'll be needing a Toasty Tweed or Marled Turtleneck sweater, with a long denim or blue floral skirt.

Now all I need is a home on the range, a couple more dogs, some horses to ride, and an old pick-up truck, and I'll be all set.

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