Friday, November 04, 2005

Black tie and butter making

In the last 24 hours I have 1) attended a fancy black tie gala at the High Museum of Art (in my experience, the fanciness of which has only been rivalled by our wedding, and maybe not even then)

and 2) made my own butter.

How many people can say that?!?

Tim and I were invited to a special party last night to celebrate the opening of a new building at the HIGH Museum of Art. Not that we usually run in those circles (the Mayor was invited!), but I had a special connection. It was very fun and we felt very honored to be included. We got a special sneak preview of both the new buildings and of the new exhibits. I felt like we were back in the 19th century, with all these landed gentry-types walking around galleries in fancy dress!

This morning, though, it was back to my regular life. I took a 45-minute ride on a schoolbus equipped with both the requisite First Aid kit and Body Fluids Cleanup Kit (whaaaaa????) to chaperone the kindergarten field trip to an outdoor YMCA (why these exhibits were at a Y is beyond me), where they recreated colonial life with people in period dress teaching us about making dipped candles and also butter. We also had someone in period dress (although that dress would be the period 2005 pretending-I'm-a-tree camouflage jacket) dragging us around on a wagon behind a tractor for 20 minutes, so our experience could be enhanced by the sucking of tractor exhaust.

The kids got a big kick out of the hayride, though. And they really seemed to enjoy dipping their strings tied to popsicle sticks into crockpots of different colored wax, and shaking little lidded styrofoam cups full of whipping cream until it turned into butter. The skill level required for the crafts and the presentations were all very age appropriate and I think the kids learned a lot. And of course I got to do it too! Very fun.

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