Saturday, November 26, 2005


We all made it this far through the Thanksgiving weekend, thanks in no small part to the HUGE efforts of my mother, who once again came through in the clutch. With her help we were able, despite being sick ourselves and having an intimidating list of new diabetic duties, to put Thanksgiving together for our nearest and dearest.

We ate incredibly well,

and made an incredibly large mess.

Tim and Nate bonded at a basketball game,

and there was a little 'Mary Poppins'-watching going on, too.

But I was not totally unproductive. We are all, Hattie included, gradually coming to terms with living with diabetes. All things considered, we are lucky that it's not worse. Yes, we may have to change some daily habits and introduce new ones, but we feel much better after talking to other people who have been living with it for years. It's still a little scary, but not nearly as scary as it was in the beginning.

I was even able to find the time to knit this apple hat, which turned out to be a beanie rather than the kind of hat that can keep your ears warm. I'm thinking I'll tweak the pattern slightly on the next one.

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