Saturday, October 29, 2005

So many things!

at the game
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I'm finding that the drawback to being so busy lately is that it's much harder to find the time to write short posts, so everything stacks up.

Today we went to the Georgia Tech/Clemson game. It was a beautiful day for football. See more pictures here.

In a show of great love for me, before we went to the game, Tim, Nate, and I went to the MALL to a) rent a tux for him and b) buy a dress for me. We've been invited to a black tie event on Thursday (WHEN was the last time I was at a black tie event???) and so must be appropriately attired. This is an unfortunately poor picture of the dress I bought today.

The color is off -- it's really a very light silver, almost a platinum. The skirt is long, and it was originally a $400 set that I found on the clearance rack at Dillard's for $65 each. Thinking that I would just have to manage with that, I took it up to the cashier. She rang it up and the grand total was $53!!! I dearly love the clearance racks!

Of course now I also need shoes, jewelry, and appropriate lingerie. But I'm still that much ahead.

I also thought I won the lottery today when we went to drop off the girls so Tim's parents could watch them for us while we were at the game, and this huge jar was sitting on the counter for me!!

More buttons than anyone should be allowed to have. And old! Tim's dad has a friend who owns a flea market and who goes to auctions frequently. Apparently buttons on this scale are increasingly harder to find. Tim's dad asked his friend two months ago to keep his eye out for buttons for me, so when the friend came across these, he snapped them up! Very heartwarming to know that several extremely thoughtful people are looking out for me.

Hattie went to school in her costume on Friday. We have two little overlays like this: a ladybug and a bumblebee. When she got dressed she was a ladybug. By breakfast she was a bee. She remained a bee all through school, but after her nap she was a ladybug again. And then a bumblebee by dinnertime. Fortunately I had thought to dress her all in black (to resemble bug legs!), so it didn't really matter. This is the only shot I've got of her when she wasn't moving. Note the Halloween socks!

And I've been sewing. Here is the shirt for Nate's Halloween costume that I finished at approximately midnight last night. Trying to sew suede cloth just gave me fits! Not to mention the V-neck, the facing for said V-neck, and one sleeve. The seam ripper really got a workout last night! It's still not perfect, but it's a Halloween costume, so I think I can get by with it. There are still a few other pieces for me to finish, but can you guess from this what he's going to be? Not a Power Ranger.

Check back soon for the exciting answer!

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