Monday, October 03, 2005

Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet

Got this CD for my birthday yesterday from Tim, who thought that I needed to have something to open that I didn't know about beforehand. How sweet!

So we have been rocking out to this for the last two days:

It's great! Besides having lots of catchy songs (Birdhouse in Your Soul and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) are two of my favorites), They Might Be Giants is one of those impressive bands that can write songs and be funny at the same time. I was doing my impression of a crazy lady this morning, driving around in my minivan, laughing to myself with no one else in the car.

Anyone who can sing, "What’s that blue thing doing here? " in a cheesy '50's lounge-singer style, or "What's your order? I can super-size that. Please bring your car around," as recorded on some kind of old wax cylinder equipment that Edison invented, is okay in my book.

In the early '80's they invented Dial-A-Song by setting up a number (supposedly still in operation - 718-387-6962, but it just rang when I tried it) that people could call for the song of the day. Now it's a website too.

And it's clean! I can listen to it with the kids in the car! They even make kids' CDs which don't liquefy the adult brain. Always a plus, not having your brain liquefied any more than absolutely necessary.

Hattie fell asleep this afternoon on the way home from school while we were listening to a drum solo.

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