Monday, October 31, 2005


And Nate was.....

...a viking! Or maybe a barbarian from one of those Capital One credit card commercials, as I noticed only last night. His spear, shield, and battleaxe (in belt) are paper mache. I think the shield and spear turned out okay, but the battleaxe was something else. But Nate liked it, which was the whole point.

Here's everyone ready to go trick or treating. Tim, as the accompanying adult, had been accused (okay, by me) of not being "fun," so he went as 'the man with the yellow hat.' I had to put pink hair ribbons on the girls' costumes, as they were wearing the non-gender-specific costumes that we already had from when Nate was that size. Hattie was a bear,

and Charlotte was a dog. Again. She liked being a dog so much last year that she was the exact same thing this year. I bought an emergency alternate costume (a pink flower fairy with a cute little upside-down blossom hat), but she still insisted on being a dog. What the hey -- it still fit. She can be a flower fairy next year.

And then this is a shot of the kids and me after all the hoop-la had died down. The kids are exhausted and wired from too much candy, and I am still wearing my candy-handing-out outfit, complete with glowstick earrings. Which got many favorable comments, by the way, even if they are wacky. And my lovely maribou-rimmed witch's hat.

Whew! See you next year, Halloween!

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