Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Recap

Fall Festival Fun Night was really only a valid name for some of the participants last night. For parents and small siblings, a more appropriate name would have been "Insane Sugar-and-Adrenaline-Fueled Try Not to Get Stompled Claustrophobic Night." That said, Nate had a great time palling around with his buddies, waiting in long lines for bouncy castles, trying all the different stations, and helping Dad man the Tattoo Table. The rest of us, not so much.

But as it was supposed to be geared towards the kids who go to school there, I really can't complain. We all got dinner, which we ate in the cafeteria, while we were serenaded by (part of!) a middle school band. Their director said they had 320 kids! In the band! In middle school! That's more kids than were in my entire graduating class from high school.

So I guess you could call it a success. Especially as we made it through intact, and Charlotte even got two stickers for fishing a rubber duck out of a kiddie pool with a net. Here's a shot of Tim with the girls. Charlotte is wearing her minor oral surgery post-op outfit, so unfortunately some people thought she was a boy. I think in this shot we are ready to go. Nate is off somewhere with his buds, so he didn't make it into this picture. But I did get some of him in action in the jumpy thing!

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