Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's here!

This is the first picture ever taken by me on my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA! No more waiting until the roll is done to take it to the developer, no more waiting until the pictures are developed, no more waiting until I can get home so I can scan the picture before I do anything with it!

The box (see background) was waiting for me on the doorstep this afternoon. I only ordered it Monday night! Now THAT's what I call service! (Even if they did send me the wrong battery. To their credit, when I called to point out their error, they said they would make it up to me by sending me the battery charger I DID want, free! YAY! Completely redeemed.)

And obviously I have a little work to do before I can work it properly. At least the subject is beautiful, even if the composition leaves a little something to be desired. Let the photo shoots BEGIN!

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