Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happier Days

Well, I'm back. After all the car-wrecking trauma earlier this week, it is nice to sit back and appreciate some more pleasant things that have been happening here, such as:

Our happy, healthy kids playing in the back yard --

Below is a picture of Hattie sliding down the slide. Unfortunately Hattie moves much faster than the 2-3 second delay on my new camera.

Case in point. Hattie again moving much faster than the delay. This was supposed to be a nice picture of Hattie and Nate standing looking at the camera. Look how far Hattie can get in a second or two!

In other exciting news, we were out having a nice lunch in Olde Towne Woodstock today and Nate bit down on the stick inside his corn dog. (Well, it was a nice lunch by our standards -- it's all relative.) His tooth got so loose that he lost it in the Babies R Us we stopped in to pick up a baby shower gift for a guy in Tim's office.

While Charlotte technically holds the title of "First Tooth Lost" in our family, hers were not really supposed to be coming out, seeing as she knocked them out when she fell down. We replaced the top teeth with an appliance, but last week she lost one of the bottom ones. So here are our toothless kids:

And in another, very exciting, and very crafty vein (yay! a return to crafting!), we were in Woodstock this morning visiting a new yarn store where I uncovered the following treasures:

-something for a Christmas gift for Hattie

--something for a Christmas gift for Charlotte

--and something for another Christmas gift for both of them (the purple and red both go with the green, but not at the same time; to put them in the same project in a way that won't make everyone vomit is WAY too ambitious for me and my fledgling knowledge of color

Now I'm all set for our fall outing to a cabin in the mountains of North Georgia!!!

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