Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Car Shopping

Ah, the joys of used car shopping!

The frequent phone calls both to and from strange and far away dealerships. The dealing with pushy salespeople who just HAVE to get you into some car only models, or years, or thousands of dollars removed from what you are really seeking. The driving to remote places so that overly friendly men can gladhand you in parking lots positively swimming with cars. The sitting in of seats, detailed within an inch of their lives to remove Coke, coffee, mud, and mysterious other stains. The squishing of floor mats that have been "replushed and re-dyed." The sticky and sycophantic gleaming of dashboards, steering wheels, cupholders and front surfaces (only!) of tires, all laboring under a ridiculously liberal coating of Armor All.

Look people, all I want is a clean, not sticky, exact replica of my last car. No leather seats, no GPS, no DVD player in the back. No mysterious stains, no funny smells, no weird colored exteriors. No going to into huge debt. No outrageously high past mileage for a TWO YEAR OLD CAR.

I'll tell you what it'll take to get me in that car today. Give me a fair price on a decent car. And treat me like a reasonable human being even if my husband isn't with me right now. How about that? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

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