Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bedtime and rain

This is what happens at our house about 4-5 nights a week. At bedtime Hattie decides she doesn't want to stay in bed, but is happy enough to lie down in the hall. Eventually she falls asleep. In the hall. Sometimes on the hardwood. Then we pick her up and put her back in bed, where she usually spends the rest of the night.

This picture was taken with the flash, but otherwise it was very dark. Apparently the camera has trouble focusing when it's pitch black. That's my story, anyway.

Today was kind of a nice rainy day. It did cool things off, and now it is feeling ever so slightly more like fall. Forecasted rain did postpone tomorrow's field trip to the zoo, however. We're going Monday instead. Which meant that I had to reschedule Charlotte's minor oral surgery from Monday to 7:30 am tomorrow. I hope she feels well enough by 5 pm to go to the school's "Fall Festival Fun Night," which is on, rain or shine. I've already had one parent call me to say not to count on them to show up for their shift at the Tattoo Table if it rains. Knowing the Atlanta weatherpeople's track record, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. And I'll wear my raincoat, just in case.

And to keep me busy in my spare time, this is what I just picked up from the library. I had to order it from InterLibrary Loan because our whole library system doesn't have it. So I will be reading and playing with it, after I fold the four loads of laundry I did today. Hmmm.

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