Monday, October 31, 2005


And Nate was.....

...a viking! Or maybe a barbarian from one of those Capital One credit card commercials, as I noticed only last night. His spear, shield, and battleaxe (in belt) are paper mache. I think the shield and spear turned out okay, but the battleaxe was something else. But Nate liked it, which was the whole point.

Here's everyone ready to go trick or treating. Tim, as the accompanying adult, had been accused (okay, by me) of not being "fun," so he went as 'the man with the yellow hat.' I had to put pink hair ribbons on the girls' costumes, as they were wearing the non-gender-specific costumes that we already had from when Nate was that size. Hattie was a bear,

and Charlotte was a dog. Again. She liked being a dog so much last year that she was the exact same thing this year. I bought an emergency alternate costume (a pink flower fairy with a cute little upside-down blossom hat), but she still insisted on being a dog. What the hey -- it still fit. She can be a flower fairy next year.

And then this is a shot of the kids and me after all the hoop-la had died down. The kids are exhausted and wired from too much candy, and I am still wearing my candy-handing-out outfit, complete with glowstick earrings. Which got many favorable comments, by the way, even if they are wacky. And my lovely maribou-rimmed witch's hat.

Whew! See you next year, Halloween!


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More of Nate's costume.....

Cookie Crafting

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Today's Halloween craft for Charlotte's party in Pre-K: spider cookies.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Here I am, world!

Crazy how someone's personality can be so incredibly evident at the age of 25 months. Hattie posed for this shot all by herself, no coaching.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

So many things!

at the game
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I'm finding that the drawback to being so busy lately is that it's much harder to find the time to write short posts, so everything stacks up.

Today we went to the Georgia Tech/Clemson game. It was a beautiful day for football. See more pictures here.

In a show of great love for me, before we went to the game, Tim, Nate, and I went to the MALL to a) rent a tux for him and b) buy a dress for me. We've been invited to a black tie event on Thursday (WHEN was the last time I was at a black tie event???) and so must be appropriately attired. This is an unfortunately poor picture of the dress I bought today.

The color is off -- it's really a very light silver, almost a platinum. The skirt is long, and it was originally a $400 set that I found on the clearance rack at Dillard's for $65 each. Thinking that I would just have to manage with that, I took it up to the cashier. She rang it up and the grand total was $53!!! I dearly love the clearance racks!

Of course now I also need shoes, jewelry, and appropriate lingerie. But I'm still that much ahead.

I also thought I won the lottery today when we went to drop off the girls so Tim's parents could watch them for us while we were at the game, and this huge jar was sitting on the counter for me!!

More buttons than anyone should be allowed to have. And old! Tim's dad has a friend who owns a flea market and who goes to auctions frequently. Apparently buttons on this scale are increasingly harder to find. Tim's dad asked his friend two months ago to keep his eye out for buttons for me, so when the friend came across these, he snapped them up! Very heartwarming to know that several extremely thoughtful people are looking out for me.

Hattie went to school in her costume on Friday. We have two little overlays like this: a ladybug and a bumblebee. When she got dressed she was a ladybug. By breakfast she was a bee. She remained a bee all through school, but after her nap she was a ladybug again. And then a bumblebee by dinnertime. Fortunately I had thought to dress her all in black (to resemble bug legs!), so it didn't really matter. This is the only shot I've got of her when she wasn't moving. Note the Halloween socks!

And I've been sewing. Here is the shirt for Nate's Halloween costume that I finished at approximately midnight last night. Trying to sew suede cloth just gave me fits! Not to mention the V-neck, the facing for said V-neck, and one sleeve. The seam ripper really got a workout last night! It's still not perfect, but it's a Halloween costume, so I think I can get by with it. There are still a few other pieces for me to finish, but can you guess from this what he's going to be? Not a Power Ranger.

Check back soon for the exciting answer!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Getting back into the swing

It's Speech Notebook Wednesday. Finally on a Wednesday, for a change. I did it about our trip to the mountains.

Back again

So much has been happening here that I've been too busy to blog. In just the last week, Tim was out of town, my mom was here, we went away for the weekend, we went car shopping, Tim's sister stayed with us, and we bought a car.


This weekend my parents, my sister and her husband, and all of us went to a cabin in the mountains of North Georgia. We had done something similar about a year and a half ago to celebrate my parents' 40th anniversary. It was so much fun that we thought we'd do it again!

This is sunrise as viewed from the deck of our cabin. Pretty! And very restful.

I also got some knitting done. This is Hattie modeling the pre-felted hat I made for Charlotte. I plan to give it to her for Christmas. She saw me making it, but doesn't know it's for her.

And we carved some pumpkins!

Some of the finished products:

All in all, a very fun weekend!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Speech Notebook Wednesday on Thursday

Charlotte's speech therapist borrowed our notebook to show it to parents at another school. So we got it back a day late. Here is this week's entry:

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Car Shopping

Ah, the joys of used car shopping!

The frequent phone calls both to and from strange and far away dealerships. The dealing with pushy salespeople who just HAVE to get you into some car only models, or years, or thousands of dollars removed from what you are really seeking. The driving to remote places so that overly friendly men can gladhand you in parking lots positively swimming with cars. The sitting in of seats, detailed within an inch of their lives to remove Coke, coffee, mud, and mysterious other stains. The squishing of floor mats that have been "replushed and re-dyed." The sticky and sycophantic gleaming of dashboards, steering wheels, cupholders and front surfaces (only!) of tires, all laboring under a ridiculously liberal coating of Armor All.

Look people, all I want is a clean, not sticky, exact replica of my last car. No leather seats, no GPS, no DVD player in the back. No mysterious stains, no funny smells, no weird colored exteriors. No going to into huge debt. No outrageously high past mileage for a TWO YEAR OLD CAR.

I'll tell you what it'll take to get me in that car today. Give me a fair price on a decent car. And treat me like a reasonable human being even if my husband isn't with me right now. How about that? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK???

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Happier Days

Well, I'm back. After all the car-wrecking trauma earlier this week, it is nice to sit back and appreciate some more pleasant things that have been happening here, such as:

Our happy, healthy kids playing in the back yard --

Below is a picture of Hattie sliding down the slide. Unfortunately Hattie moves much faster than the 2-3 second delay on my new camera.

Case in point. Hattie again moving much faster than the delay. This was supposed to be a nice picture of Hattie and Nate standing looking at the camera. Look how far Hattie can get in a second or two!

In other exciting news, we were out having a nice lunch in Olde Towne Woodstock today and Nate bit down on the stick inside his corn dog. (Well, it was a nice lunch by our standards -- it's all relative.) His tooth got so loose that he lost it in the Babies R Us we stopped in to pick up a baby shower gift for a guy in Tim's office.

While Charlotte technically holds the title of "First Tooth Lost" in our family, hers were not really supposed to be coming out, seeing as she knocked them out when she fell down. We replaced the top teeth with an appliance, but last week she lost one of the bottom ones. So here are our toothless kids:

And in another, very exciting, and very crafty vein (yay! a return to crafting!), we were in Woodstock this morning visiting a new yarn store where I uncovered the following treasures:

-something for a Christmas gift for Hattie

--something for a Christmas gift for Charlotte

--and something for another Christmas gift for both of them (the purple and red both go with the green, but not at the same time; to put them in the same project in a way that won't make everyone vomit is WAY too ambitious for me and my fledgling knowledge of color

Now I'm all set for our fall outing to a cabin in the mountains of North Georgia!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Speech Notebook

Okay, it's not Wednesday, but here's this week's Speech Notebook.


Had a post here about a car accident I was involved in yesterday morning. In summary, the kids were not in the car, I was not significantly hurt and my van was totalled (I think). More conservative heads than mine have convinced me to pull any post for now until the insurance and legal aspects have been settled.

However, I did not go to the zoo as planned with the kindergarten field trip yesterday. All things considered, it could have been MUCH worse. This morning while I was morosely staring at the empty spot in the garage where the van should have been, it occurred to me that if I'm having trouble getting over considerable damage being done to the car, that I would never have been able to live with myself if something worse had happened. Better to consider this a tough lesson learned. I think it was the Dalai Lama who said, "When you lose, don't lose the lesson."

Consider this one lesson LEARNED.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

The Recap

Fall Festival Fun Night was really only a valid name for some of the participants last night. For parents and small siblings, a more appropriate name would have been "Insane Sugar-and-Adrenaline-Fueled Try Not to Get Stompled Claustrophobic Night." That said, Nate had a great time palling around with his buddies, waiting in long lines for bouncy castles, trying all the different stations, and helping Dad man the Tattoo Table. The rest of us, not so much.

But as it was supposed to be geared towards the kids who go to school there, I really can't complain. We all got dinner, which we ate in the cafeteria, while we were serenaded by (part of!) a middle school band. Their director said they had 320 kids! In the band! In middle school! That's more kids than were in my entire graduating class from high school.

So I guess you could call it a success. Especially as we made it through intact, and Charlotte even got two stickers for fishing a rubber duck out of a kiddie pool with a net. Here's a shot of Tim with the girls. Charlotte is wearing her minor oral surgery post-op outfit, so unfortunately some people thought she was a boy. I think in this shot we are ready to go. Nate is off somewhere with his buds, so he didn't make it into this picture. But I did get some of him in action in the jumpy thing!

Friday, October 07, 2005

It falls on field and tree

Okay! So who's ready to walk to school so we can eat a picnic dinner at Fall Festival Fun Night???

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bedtime and rain

This is what happens at our house about 4-5 nights a week. At bedtime Hattie decides she doesn't want to stay in bed, but is happy enough to lie down in the hall. Eventually she falls asleep. In the hall. Sometimes on the hardwood. Then we pick her up and put her back in bed, where she usually spends the rest of the night.

This picture was taken with the flash, but otherwise it was very dark. Apparently the camera has trouble focusing when it's pitch black. That's my story, anyway.

Today was kind of a nice rainy day. It did cool things off, and now it is feeling ever so slightly more like fall. Forecasted rain did postpone tomorrow's field trip to the zoo, however. We're going Monday instead. Which meant that I had to reschedule Charlotte's minor oral surgery from Monday to 7:30 am tomorrow. I hope she feels well enough by 5 pm to go to the school's "Fall Festival Fun Night," which is on, rain or shine. I've already had one parent call me to say not to count on them to show up for their shift at the Tattoo Table if it rains. Knowing the Atlanta weatherpeople's track record, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. And I'll wear my raincoat, just in case.

And to keep me busy in my spare time, this is what I just picked up from the library. I had to order it from InterLibrary Loan because our whole library system doesn't have it. So I will be reading and playing with it, after I fold the four loads of laundry I did today. Hmmm.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It's here!

This is the first picture ever taken by me on my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA! No more waiting until the roll is done to take it to the developer, no more waiting until the pictures are developed, no more waiting until I can get home so I can scan the picture before I do anything with it!

The box (see background) was waiting for me on the doorstep this afternoon. I only ordered it Monday night! Now THAT's what I call service! (Even if they did send me the wrong battery. To their credit, when I called to point out their error, they said they would make it up to me by sending me the battery charger I DID want, free! YAY! Completely redeemed.)

And obviously I have a little work to do before I can work it properly. At least the subject is beautiful, even if the composition leaves a little something to be desired. Let the photo shoots BEGIN!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

It's on its way!

Bought myself a birthday gift last night over the phone from a representative who said he was in California, but judging from his very thick accent and extreme lack of knowledge of basically anything I asked him, I would doubt that.

If I hadn't known exactly what I wanted due to a) visiting the store in person myself yesterday morning, and b) calling the online store earlier that afternoon and talking to someone who did know what they were talking about, I would have hung up and tried again the next day. But the siren call of a new toy is VERY strong! So I stuck it out so that the order would ship TODAY.

Tim asked me why I didn't just order it online, which I would have done but for that element of doubt that I would end up with one wrong component. In retrospect I think I would have been okay. Especially since when the rep and I added up the total, I got the same number three times and he got all different numbers those same three times, and I finally had to walk him through what I had.

So this is what I got for my birthday -- a Canon Powershot A520 digital camera. And the battery charger. And the memory card. And the Extended Service Plan (which I usually never buy, but given that this is an extremely appealing and complicated little machine and I have three small children, it sounded like a good idea).
He told me I should get it in 3-5 business days. I can hardly wait! Wait until you see all the great stuff I can show you! Thanks, everybody!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Say I'm the only bee in your bonnet

Got this CD for my birthday yesterday from Tim, who thought that I needed to have something to open that I didn't know about beforehand. How sweet!

So we have been rocking out to this for the last two days:

It's great! Besides having lots of catchy songs (Birdhouse in Your Soul and Istanbul (Not Constantinople) are two of my favorites), They Might Be Giants is one of those impressive bands that can write songs and be funny at the same time. I was doing my impression of a crazy lady this morning, driving around in my minivan, laughing to myself with no one else in the car.

Anyone who can sing, "What’s that blue thing doing here? " in a cheesy '50's lounge-singer style, or "What's your order? I can super-size that. Please bring your car around," as recorded on some kind of old wax cylinder equipment that Edison invented, is okay in my book.

In the early '80's they invented Dial-A-Song by setting up a number (supposedly still in operation - 718-387-6962, but it just rang when I tried it) that people could call for the song of the day. Now it's a website too.

And it's clean! I can listen to it with the kids in the car! They even make kids' CDs which don't liquefy the adult brain. Always a plus, not having your brain liquefied any more than absolutely necessary.

Hattie fell asleep this afternoon on the way home from school while we were listening to a drum solo.