Thursday, September 29, 2005

What felt like a crafty day but which could have been craftier

In addition to the regular things I do every day, like feed people, do laundry, go to the grocery store and perform other thrilling feats of daring, today I:

-finally felted the bag I knitted a month ago (Yay! It was so exciting to see it come out of the washer all solid and cool-looking!)

-constructed not one, but three Halloween costume props out of cardboard, newspaper and duct tape, made paper mache glue, and put the initial layer of gluey newspaper strips on all three props after Nate decided the glue made his hands "feel gross" (I also did all this outside, where I literally dodged a swarm of mosquitoes for an hour and a half -- gotta love living in the South -- WHERE is the cooler weather???)

-laundered, ironed, laid out and started my dishtowel apron for this month's tie one on (finally, a challenge I think I may actually be able to do!)

After I had just started sewing on the apron, it was time to do something else, like make dinner. Heaven help us if for some reason dinner is late. We've found that if dinner isn't on the table by 6:30 that people start screaming and getting increasingly difficult as the evening rapidly spirals downward towards bedtime. And that's just me. So I will have to finish the apron tomorrow, which I should be able to do.

Although here's my agenda for tomorrow:

5:45 am - Get up (actually, that's when my alarm is set for; in reality it's 15 minutes or so later when I actually start moving)

6:30 am - Commence the dragging out of bed, getting ready for school routine for a minimum of two children (if I'm lucky and am able to keep everyone quiet enough so that they don't wake Hattie up - if not, make that 3 kids to dress, corral, feed, etc.); oh, and did I mention that tomorrow's Picture Day?

7:15 to 7:30 am - Schoolbus dash (x 2)

8:00 am - neighbor child comes over to carpool to preschool

8:45 am - go by Dunkin Donuts to buy doughnut holes for

9:00 am - coffee/get together/volunteer recruitment drive I am hosting at the preschool for parents in Hattie's class to get them to sign up for various functions throughout the year while they are still gung-ho about starting a new school year

Then I might have a break for about an hour or so.

12:00 pm - Charlotte gets off the school bus

1:00 pm - Charlotte's occupational therapy/speech appointment 10+ miles away from our house through heavy Friday afternoon lunch traffic

2:20 pm - Get out of appointment (always late!) to race home in order to be there when

2:40 pm - Nate gets off the school bus; also retrieve Hattie from thoughtful carpooling neighbor

At that point IF I was able to finish my apron during my earlier break, and IF I was able to take a picture of it, and IF I was able to drop the film off at the photo store, then after everyone wakes up from naps I will be able to go pick up the photos so I can scan them and I JUST MIGHT be able to have everything done in time to be able to participate in both A Month of Softies and tie one on.

Shew! One day I am going to have a digital camera and it is going to make things SO MUCH EASIER!

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