Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Thrilling Conclusion

And since everyone has been waiting breathlessly for me to solve the cliffhanger I left on my last post, it will relieve you all to know that I am currently in possession of the great aforementioned inventory list.

It happened like this: on Saturday, my very sweet husband agreed (with NO questions asked or eyes rolled) to stop by the sale (half-price day was still in full swing) on the way to the football game. I ran in, prepared to do whatever it would take to get that list, only to find out that they keep the lists in the office upstairs FOR UP TO TWO WEEKS if anyone wants to pick theirs up. Wish I had known that before all the hand-wringing.

So we proceeded joyfully to the game where we sat on metal backless bleachers in the direct sun to watch the Yellow Jackets whomp the tar out of the Tar Heels for the next four hours while we gorged ourselves on junky concession stand food until we felt ill.

On Monday morning I dropped everyone off at school and proceeded directly to the church office where I received both my list and the check for my portion of the proceeds ($45.85). Not enough to cover the $78 I spent at the preview sale, but $45 ahead of where I was before.

For the next sale I vow to 1) start preparing earlier so I can 2) put in more stuff to sell and 3) stop obsessing about getting the inventory list!

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