Sunday, September 04, 2005

Thanks, Mike

I'm coming late to this game after reading a variety of some of the best blogs out there for the last six months. I find myself thinking, this would be great on a blog! And so it begins (the blog part, not necessarily the great part).

I have our friend, Mike Wolf, to thank for this relatively new section of my life. I met Mike about 10 years ago when I started a new job. He was actually good friends with another guy I worked with, and who I ended up marrying about 18 months after that first day. The three of us hung out some at work, and some more outside of work. After Tim and I got married, we saw a little less of Mike.

Shortly afterwards, Mike got an IT job in Connecticut and moved to New York. We corresponded infrequently by e-mail, mostly about college sports. Once or twice he mentioned that he had been in the hospital, and when we pressed him for details he referred us to his blog rather than go through the whole story again. As new parents of one, and then two, children, we couldn't find the time to visit his blog regularly. Then about a year ago when he was in town, he asked us to meet him and some other people out for dinner. It was a weeknight, and since we had three kids by this time, we couldn't make it.

This past February I got a call from a friend who I hadn't spoken to in a while. She also knew Mike, and she, unlike me, had kept up with what he was doing by reading his blog. She said she had been checking out Mike's blog that day and someone had posted in the comments that he had died. We couldn't believe it. Mike was 35 and about as vital a person as I'd ever met. Nevertheless, there were definitely several comments on there about his death. Apparently he had been talking to his girlfriend on the phone the night before when he'd had a seizure and died immediately. His girlfriend had called 911, and the paramedics broke into his home and found him lying on the couch. They notified his office, and his colleagues had been the ones who posted on his site.

Mike was an active blogger since 2001, and he had a large circle of friends who he met through the NYC blogger community. After we went to his wake and met some of these friends, I was compelled to visit not only his site daily, but also those of his friends as a way of dealing with the grief.

No doubt like everyone else, once I started to read those regularly I found others that I added to my list. And the rest, as they say, is history. I think Mike would be glad to know that he was independently responsible for opening up this door to the world of blogging for me. I just wish he was still here to share it.

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