Saturday, September 10, 2005


Maybe it's because my stress level is already elevated with all the recent suffering I've been reading about excessively, but the craziest thing is pushing me over the edge.

For the last two weeks it seems that there have been an unusually large variety of competing and equally valid situations requiring me to be in two places at once: one child has to have an important lab test done at the hospital at the exact same time I'm supposed to be picking up my youngest child from her first day at a brand-new school which she is attending all by herself. My turn to drive carpool is at the exact same time as when I am supposed to be at the other school getting on the bus to go on their first field trip (and I can't switch with my neighbor because I desperately need her to do the pick-up that same day since I won't be back). On a lesser scale, I can't go to the bus stop to pick up my son because my daughters are in the middle of their naps.

To arrive at even a marginally acceptable resolution to any of these seemingly innocuous situations, I have had to get creative. And for a person like me who hates to be in other people's debt, that is stressful. Especially since I have been leaning on all of these same people for assistance for the last month or more.

And the latest: the only time I am allowed to pick up my leftover clothing, my inventory sheet detailing when and for what amount everything sold, and my check from this weekend's kids' clothing consignment sale, is between 7 and 7:30 pm tonight -- and we have tickets to the first home Georgia Tech football game this afternoon at 3:30.

The obvious answer, to leave the game early, is apparently not an option after talking to my husband. It's not the clothing that I mind not picking up. There's obviously a need for donations at a time like this, and I really never expected to see the items again. Even the check could be mailed to me. Really it's the inventory sheet that I am lusting after. Then I would know what to take off on our taxes as a donation, what I had priced too low, what I had priced too high -- it's a veritable treasure trove of analysis info, to be trite. I really, really want it.

So I called an acquaintance from church whose name I saw on the volunteer board to see if she could possibly get my stuff. She was sweet but unfortunately she wasn't picking up her stuff either. Just the fact that I called her is significant, since I try never to ask for help from anyone, least of all someone I have barely had even one conversation with.

I am verging on asking to take two cars to the game, which would require 1) paying an extra $10-15 to park, assuming I could find a space and 2) walking the mile or so back to it by myself when I need to leave. My sister lives on the other side of town, as do my in-laws, who will be busy babysitting our daughters anyway.

So how, how, how, am I going to figure this out?????

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