Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Still no scanner

I am still stymied by not having a scanner. In desperation I actually went, three kids in tow, to OfficeMax yesterday to buy a new scanner. I picked out the one I wanted, got up to the cashier, and of course it was out of stock. She said they could order one for me, but if I wanted to do that, I could get a much better scanner online in that time.

She reluctantly looked up whether other stores had it in stock, but none were near us, and, she informed me, they don't do between store transfers.

Thank you very much for nothing! I will take my business elsewhere. And unfortunately do without for the time being.

So I will just have to tell you that I got lots of great clothes at the consignment sale (for the girls only -- I've found that as boys get older the selection gets smaller and smaller at sales like these). Nate got a puzzle, several books, and a Rescue Hero instead.

And in the last few days I got a WONDERFUL, huge box of hand-me-downs from my very dear friend in Pennsylvania, whose daughter is Nate's age. She included 10 pairs of pants, 15 (!!) long-sleeved shirts, 3 sweatshirts or sweaters, 2 pairs of shoes, and a tutu!!! And 4 books for me! We were all so excited to get it!

Charlotte is now absolutely set for the school year. She wore some very cute purple capris to school the very next day. In case you can't tell, I am so thrilled to get the clothes -- my friend has fantastic taste and now both my daughters will be able to wear them!

As a thank you I am making felt cakes to send back to my friend. They are very fun to make, if not entirely practical. But they're so cute! I'm hoping to make one for her as a pincushion, and one for each of her two kids. Wish I had some pictures to put on here, but the cakes aren't finished yet anyway.

Maybe in the next day or two I will figure something out.

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