Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saving gas

The call came in about 4:50 yesterday afternoon while three tired and grumpy kids were screaming and ransacking our house.

"Have you heard the news?" Tim said.

With a feeling split evenly between excitement and terror: "What news?"

"The governor has closed all public schools statewide on Monday and Tuesday!"

It seemed like a very bizarre thing to do, given that it was Friday afternoon after all the schools were already let out for the weekend. But apparently the Governor of Georgia decided that, in the face of Hurricane Rita bearing down on what remained of Georgia's gas suppliers, it would be a good idea to ask every school superintendent to use two "snow days" next week to keep the buses from having to run. The thought is that every day the buses don't run, the state saves 250,000 gallons of gas.

So. While I hope this measure is overreacting, it is kind of nice to have a four day weekend. And Tim will be home too, even better. Fortunately I didn't have anything planned for Monday and Tuesday, so we are in better shape than other parents who are suddenly faced with a childcare nightmare. And also fortunately we got gas in both of our cars last week when prices were at a mere $2.53 per gallon.

So all that's left is to enjoy this unanticipated holiday and hope that things don't get too much worse for the people in Rita's path.

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