Friday, September 16, 2005

More Fun with Photos

I'm starting to figure out how to post pictures. Come to find out, when you are digital photo-impaired and you get your pictures put on a CD at the photo developer, they make the photos very big. Therefore when you download them to flickr, they use up all your free allotted monthly bandwidth.

As a result, my flickr account doesn't have room for this shot of Hattie's horse wearing his blanket with the plaid side out, so I thought I'd put it here.

He looks a little more "loved" now after spending two weeks with an affectionate two-year-old.

The plaid flannel is from what used to be my all-time favorite pajamas -- a one-piece outfit from J. Crew made of all different plaids. Unfortunately one night several years ago it happened to be on the floor next to my young dog (he turned 10 last January). Who proceeded to use it as a teether. It's a real testament to my pack-rattitude that I have kept a pair of old pajamas with a six-inch bite in them for lo, these many years. And taken them with me when we moved, not once but twice! But you see, I did need it!

And the original pic with the flowered side out:

Here he is chatting with his friend Tiny Bunny, who I also made for Hattie's 2nd birthday.

Not a great picture of the bunny, because he gets lost in the bench. Here's a slightly better one where he's standing next to the adorable cupcake bag that Kelly made.

I put the bunny in the bag for Hattie to open at her birthday party, and then gave her the horse a couple of days later when it was her actual birthday so she would have something to open then too. It was a very crafty birthday!

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