Friday, September 30, 2005

Month of Softies - Personal Challenge

Bag before and after
Originally uploaded by 3 to get ready.
The personal challenge with this was not knitting a bag (a first), not even using the washing machine to felt it (that is SO COOL!)but finishing the project.

And then finding the time to take a picture of it, get the picture developed, fix the horrendous picture the best I could (also a first) and 'stitch' the pictures together using the new photostudio software that came with my new scanner (another first).

And in case a knitted bag didn't count as a softie, I included a felt cake (yet another first) I made, my first attempt at felt food. If I hadn't been taking this picture with a disposable camera with the wrong film, you would have seen a) a centered photo, and b) that the cake is chocolate on the bottom with pink icing, red sprinkles, and a dollop of whipped cream on top. No, this picture was not taken at midnight. You would never know it, but this picture was taken in my back yard on a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

I promise to take another picture of the felt cake (and hopefully the others I am still working on) with our real camera, and I will post those pictures when they come back from being developed.

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