Wednesday, September 21, 2005

It takes a strong man

Today is the ninth anniversary of the day Tim and I got married. To commemorate the occasion, Tim went to a very cool restaurant supply store to get me a cast iron chicken fryer. And a splatter screen to put on top!

The ladies in his office were horrified that he would even think to get me a kitchen implement, thinking that I should be getting jewelry or some other more suitable gift. Fortunately for me, Tim knows me much better than they do. I am not a jewelry person. I do love my engagement ring/wedding band and the occasional pair of earrings I buy from craft fairs, but other than a field watch, that's pretty much it. And even then I had to be talked out of the men's field watch.

So now I can do some serious chicken frying, which is lucky for Tim as it's his favorite food. He did feel kind of like he was giving me a dump truck, but he is off the hook as it's something I really did want.

It takes a strong man to defy the conventional office wisdom of many women by giving his wife something that could be considered a formidable weapon. I just think of all the comfort food I'll be making in it from this point forward. Thanks for sticking to your guns, Tim! Happy Anniversary!

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