Wednesday, September 07, 2005

How to go from Excellent Mom! to barely marginal mom in a series of subtle moves

1. Wake up 10 minutes early for crazy morning routine.
2. Wake up children 10 minutes early for crazy morning routine.
3. Drag out of bed, dress, feed children in record time. Make appropriate lunches, pack 3 schoolbags with assorted necessary items, sign papers, write check hastily for fundraiser items due today. Cram sandwich into baggie for on-road breakfast for self.
4. Get everyone into car only 5 minutes behind schedule.
5. Arrive at neighbor's house; trade one of my children for one of hers.
6. Drive away, waving merrily. Arrive at school, drop off children.
7. Go to work. While congratulating self for near-perfect implementation of crazy morning routine, suddenly realize have forgotten both daily antibiotic for one child, and daily blood pressure medication for self.
8. Leave work only 5 minutes late in preparation for getting home in time to meet child getting off noon bus.
9. Arrive at home with minutes to spare, run inside for pit stop and to check phone messages.
10. Listen to message from extremely thoughtful neighbor apologizing (?!) for not getting my traded child's bag out of my car during the trade-off and explaining that she hopes it's okay, but SHE MADE HER A LUNCH so she wouldn't go hungry at school today.

Note to self: next time check twice before patting self on back for expert handling of morning routine.

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