Friday, September 09, 2005

Here a cow, there a cow...

Today the kindergartners had a field trip to a dairy farm. I was one of the lucky parents who got to go along. We learned that Holsteins give the most milk of any other cow, that they are almost always black and white (there is a red and white one about every 300 births - very rare), and that you can tell pure-blooded Holsteins by their white hooves.

Most of us fed the calves pieces of cabbage (experiencing huge amounts of cow slobber in the process) and fed some goats a pellet/seed kind of mixture (Goat Chow?). We saw how they milk the cows, how they process the milk, and where and what the cows are fed (used-up grain mash from a nearby Budweiser plant). There was also a hayride, and the highlight of that was when the cattle dog, Jake, rounded up the cows and brought them over to the wagon where we were riding.

We capped off the visit with free pints of chocolate milk, definitely a hit with this crowd.

Then it was home again on the schoolbuses. The little girl who sat next to me told me how old everyone in her family was, and that her father (an attorney) used to have a mullet that was all the way down his back! That really made me laugh, because she is very cute and her mother is, as Tim would say, SMOKING (as in really hot, not as in cancer sticks). Definitely not the type who would hang out with someone with a mullet. Lucky for that guy that he cleaned up his act.

With luck I'll have pictures of the outing in the fairly near future.

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