Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Are we ever IN whack?

Having had two extra days this weekend, I find we are all "out of whack." Getting the kids on their schoolbuses was unusually difficult this morning, and no one can remember what day it is.

Charlotte was supposed to have Speech Notebooks yesterday, but I sent it today instead, just in case, and it didn't come home. So I am guessing they may be holding onto it to do it later this week. I will post our entry for this week as soon as I get it back, whenever that might be.

I was able to run out to the fabric store this morning to find some twill tape to make my dish towel apron for tie one on this month. I've been lurking on there since tie one on began, but never had the time to participate.

Last Friday I went into the tony part of town for the Swan House Flea Market, where all the society ladies contribute things to raise money for the Forward Arts Foundation. With only a few minutes to browse, I went straight to the kitchen section, snagged a stack of dishtowel-looking linens and an old apron and checked out. My grand total was $3.50! The apron is a blue and white cotton jacquard, with a cow on it. I think it looks very Dutch.

In the stack of 8-10 dishtowels was a linen dishtowel with big brown flowers on it and 2 identical Vera dishtowels with brightly colored flowers. No ladybug though, so these may not be as vintage as I might have liked. But looking on the bright side, now I can craft with them with no regrets!

There were a couple of other cute ones, but all their prints ran vertically -- not so helpful when trying to make an apron. I'm thinking I'll make the Vera ones and the brown flowered one into aprons. A few odd linen pieces with a fancy hand-embroidered detail in the corner were also included. Not sure what those are for -- too little for anything I can think of, but too big for a coaster. They are starting to look like pockets..........

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